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About US

Dextrosoft was responsible for design, coding, testing and real time support for the clients of reputed multinational companies in both Japan and USA. We believe in platform-independent, language or locale-independent solutions. Dextrosoft has a team of energetic and open-minded Software developers working in an open-office flexible environment. Their only ambition is to make a mark in creating useful software.

Dextrosoft has fixed its intense focus on the mobile world now as that is the order of the day. We have already created a large portfolio of mobile App Solutions for different domains. We, not only build mobile applications, we work for building relationships. With huge experience in software industry, we feel proud when our clients, satisfied with our products depend on us.
Dextrosoft, a company that provides “Dexterous solutions” for today’s Digital users. We believe in our name. We are deft, adept, adroit, agile, nimble, capable, experienced and delicate. We understand that this is a connected world, and what matters is the millions of users and their information and data. We believe in platform-independent, language or locate-independent solutions for keeping your data safe, secure and available.
We have people with long experience of working on Firmware and Storage related development with International customers and Multilanguage interface. Some of our notable work includes:

  • HTML5

  • CSS3


  • PDO

  • PHP

Why Choose Dextrosoft?

  • Successful 19+ Years
    From world class security to great system softwares we have done it all.

  • Global Clientele
    Our services attract clients across 32+ countries of the world.

  • Cost Effectiveness
    We offer services at very reasonable price points.

  • Experience Developers
    A large, skilled and experienced team for your projects.

Our Services

We, not only build mobile applications, we work for building relationships. With huge experience in software industry, we feel proud when our clients, satisfied with our products depend on us.

Android Application Development

We, with our more than 25 years of experience of developing System and Security applications for clients all over the world, now specialize in developing business & Special purpose android Apps to keep our clients ahead of their competition by providing their customers a seamless experience of using Smartphones to avail of their services.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone and iPad are Apple’s unique devices that are used by sophisticated users from the higher echelon. They need access to all the smartphone services we offer in our android smartphones, and we develop iOS solutions that provide all the experiences of our smartphone android Apps.

Web Development

The Web is one of the most powerful tool mankind has ever achieved in terms of communication technology and we make it even better. With leading edge technology and top of the line designs our customers are more confident than ever before. Make us your part and we shall help you achieve greater success, with our tech-support you are never alone.

System Application Development

Windows is a mamoth in terms of Desktop and Enterprise Operating Systems swallowing almost 83.28% of the market. Huge market requires great solutions and here comes us, we here at Dextrosoft Pvt. Ltd. focus on great and advanced technologies to keep our customers ahead of their competetors.


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Our Mobility Solutions

Dextrosoft is a pioneer in the space of App development. Be it a all new package or porting your already existing applications to Mobile Apps, we promise to offer you a pleasant yet exciting experience.


Customer reviews for our cleints supports

Our development opt in to the projects they genuinely want to work on, committing wholeheartedly to delivering.

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